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Ben oui...c'est des chose qui arrivent!
Parfois, des problèmes qui sont hors de notre contrôle nous affectent, que nous le choisissions ou non. Que ce soit - une rupture de la famille ou un locateur / locataire qui nous donne du chagrin, nous ne pouvons ignorer cette réalité, de traiter ces questions.

Cependant, la façon dont nous choisissons de réagir dans ces situations peut déterminer notre bien-être, notre essence.

Comment voulez-vous résoudre votre situation juridique? Battre bec et ongles? Se recroqueviller? Maintenir la dignité?

Mon approche consiste à tenter de régler les questions juridiques d'une façon la plus équitable et le plus amicalement possible, selon le cas. Maintenir des relations, ne pas les détruire. D'ètre fier de pouvoir affirmer que mon client a maintenu sa dignité et agi d'une manière honorable. Pour lui permettre de s'éloigner d'un conflit gardant la tête haute et ne laissant pas derrière lui un sentier de relations brisées et de futurs brisés.

Si c'est ce que vous cherchez aussi, alors je suis celui à avoir dans votre coin.





Life happens!

Sometimes matters which may be out of our control affect us, whether we choose it or not. Be it a family rupture or a landlord / tenant who's giving you grief, we just cannot simply turn our heads away from dealing with these issues.

However, how we choose to react in these situations may determine our well-being, our very essence.

How do you want to resolve your legal situation? Fight tooth and nail? Cower in fear? Maintain your dignity?

My approach is to attempt to resolve legal issues as fairly and amicably as possible, as applicable. To build relationships, not destroy them. To be able to say at the end of the day that my client maintained his/her dignity and acted in an honourable way. To enable him/her to walk away from a dispute holding his/her head up high and not leaving behind a trail of broken relationships and shattered futures.

If this is what you seek as well, then I'm the one to have in  your corner.


  • Joint Application for Divorce

  • Halachic Pre-nuptial agreement

  • GET consultation

  • Beth-Din liason

  • Landlord
  • Tenant
  • Notices
  • Applications
  • Consultation
  • Representation before Régie du logement
  • Small Claim Mediation, in-house & in-court

  • Preparation for Small Claims Mediation

  • Preparation for Small Claims court hearing


  • Family Sponsorship

    • In-Canada

    • Outside Canada

  • Citizenship Applications

  • Permanent Resident Applications

    • CSQ applications (Quebec)

    • Rest-of-Canada applications

    • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

    • Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications (H & C)

  • Permanent Resident Cards

  • Stays Abroad

  • Visitor Visas

  • Visitor Visa Extensions

  • Visitor Invitation Letters

  • Work Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Protection Mandates (aka Mandate in Case of Incapacity)
  • Living Will for Health / Medical Care
  • Power of Attorney
  • Complaints about Health / Social Services
  • Consultation


Please allow me to  share the following story with you. This tale illustrates the approach which I prefer to use in my law practice. The anecdote may be familiar to you.​

Long ago, the Wind and the Sun were having a fierce debate. Each of them, listing their respective virtues, claimed to be more powerful than the other. After much back-and-forth with no conclusion, they decided to settle the matter by submitting to  a contest between themselves. 

Just at that moment, a man was strolling along in an open field, sporting a heavy wool coat. The Wind and the Sun made a bet  that whoever could separate the man from his coat using his innate powers, would be proclaimed as the stronger and superior of the two.

The Wind had the first go at it. Being the Wind and knowing only how to blow, he blew ... and blew ... and blew! However, with each cold blustery gust of wind, the man just tugged on his coat ever so tightly around himself. No amount of blowing could persuade the man to detach himself from his coat. On the contrary, he enveloped himself so much deeper into his protective mantle.

Frustrated, the Wind stopped. His manoeuvers were obviously not showing any fruit. Rather, the man had only moved to a further position from what had originally been hoped for.

The Sun's turn came. As the Sun, he shone ... and shone ... and shone! As the temperature climbed,  the man sensed the sweltering sun and the scorching rays. Succumbing to the overpowering heat , he finally willingly and happily removed his coat.

The Wind conceded that the Sun's style had proved to be the more efficient one and the latter was crowned the victor.

I propose that if at all possible and under the right circumstances, one should attempt to act like the Sun i.e. seeking a resolution to issues through firm, yet peaceful and harmonious means. This methodology is not always self-evident and sometimes requires strategy and planning. It's always having to keep your eye on the goal, on the 8-ball! This often has the end-effect of maintaining one's physical and mental health, preserving relationships and actually steering the other party to agreement.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there is no choice and a more aggressive stance is necessary. This is a reality too. Notwithstanding, I believe that coming to a conflict armed with antagonism, more often than not, tends to increase hostilities and serves to contaminate the ground upon which a solution could have nurtured. Disputants will circle their wagons and move further away from a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Ultimately, working with the consensus of my client, I strive to find suitable and custom-fit solutions for them, according to their particular circumstances and conditions.


Before my studies at McGill University, I received ordination as a rabbi from the Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch in Brooklyn New York.  I had also studied Talmudic and Hassidic Philosophy at the Margolies Institute of Higher Learning, located in Miami Beach, Florida.
Moving back to Montreal, I completed my LL.B and B.C.L. at McGill University—Faculty of Law and was called to the Barreau du Québec, where I remain as a member in good standing; I have also belonged to the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario).
I was privileged to serve the (Jewish) community of Montreal, when I was employed as an Immigration and Resettlement Counselor with Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS, now a constituent of OMETZ).
Since leaving JIAS, I have been self-employed in my own law practice, concentrating in immigration law, family law and mediation / alternative-dispute resolution. I am also an accredited Small Claims Mediator, providing in-house and in-court mediation sessions for Cour de Québec, Small Claims Division.
I am fluently bilingual in English and French, English being my first language. I also speak Yiddish and Hebrew and have dabbled in Russian and Japanese.

I truly enjoy the work which I presently do — the mental challenges; intellectual stimulation; problem-solving; seeing issues through from beginning to end; forming ideas and moving them from pen to paper; and of course, meeting with clients and hearing their lives' tales. I really derive great pleasure from assisting clients, helping them achieve their goals.
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